In April 2017, Eva Cloward started Second Chance Bouquets as a charitable organization with the vision to serve the Omaha Metro community by delivering recycled flowers from weddings and special events to resident and patients at local nursing homes and healthcare facilities. The goal is to bring joy and happiness through re-purposed flowers and personal compassion while enriching the emotional health of the residents.

The genesis of this idea began when the florist who provided flowers for Eva’s wedding was relating a story about a wedding where she had to “throw out” 150 beautiful reception centerpieces because the bride and groom did not need nor want the flowers after their wedding. Realizing this as a waste of floral beauty, she decided to create a charity to re-purpose these “unwanted” flowers and deliver them to residents and patients at local nursing homes and healthcare facilities.


With help from her husband and family the idea took flight and Second Chance Bouquets became a reality. Eva worked with Elissa Vilter from “Floral Designs by Elissa” to encourage clients to donate their wedding flowers so that their beauty would extend beyond their special day.  


In May 2017, Second Chance Bouquets received their first floral donation and plans were made to deliver to Richmont Village, a senior living facility in Bellevue.  That first delivery consisted of 17 floral arrangements.  Since that day Second Chance Bouquets has delivered nearly 1400 floral arrangements to residents at 15 local nursing home and senior living communities.


I cannot believe it is the end of another year and Second Chance Bouquets has had such a great year.  I am still amazed the support, encouragement, and reassurance we receive from everyone we talk to, it lets us know we are doing good for our community and those around us.

Good News.  During this third year of operations, we were so blessed that we surpassed last year’s delivery numbers by 22% -- delivering 1188 floral arrangements in 2019 for a grand total of 2554.  Additionally, we added seven new delivery locations for a total of 22 locations throughout the Omaha metro area. 

We were able to speak at an Omaha Storm Chasers baseball game, create a radio spot on KGBI, and be featured on a local small business podcast (Small Guy Productions).  With all of this publicity we have seen a spike in vase and flower donations and we love it!  I still love to hear the stories of how our radio spot was heard by the right person at the right time. 

Future Plans. We will continue to expand our delivery locations and explore new publicity opportunities. We are currently working on another radio spot for the Omaha metro area and looking into local bridal fairs and wedding magazines to get the word out about Second Chance Bouquets.

We have been working on being not only a blessing to residents, but also to our environment. When a donation is received we repurpose as many of the flowers as we can, if flowers and greenery are past their prime we deposit them into one of four compost bins in our backyard. Any vases we cannot use we take to the local glass recycling spot and any plastic floral supplies that are not compostable or recyclable we return to the florist for reuse in the future. 


Compassion – All of God’s children are valuable no matter their condition in life and are deserving of our kindness

Commitment – we are dedicated to our community and its citizens and strive to make it the best place to live and work

Fulfillment – enriching the lives of our fellow man drives our passion to serve others in our community

Responsibility – recycling flowers protects the environment and saves landfill space by extending the joy of previously-enjoyed flowers


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